ContentFlow Advertising Tools

The ContentFlow Player can be enabled with an array of Advertising Services from various ad networks to display in-player pop-up HTML Ads, or Pre-Roll Video Ads to your visitors to any site you with visitors to register before they view your content.  

VendContent Features and Functions

As the Internet has developed, Consumer purchase behavior has changed. VendContent provides technology to dramatically expand the range of options you can offer Consumers who like your content. The VendContent platform provides a number of unique benefits when compared with traditional digital media marketing systems. 

ContentFlow Embedding and CSS control

The ContentFlow Wizard lets webmasters deeply embed any display template into any section of any page you control, for any device (mobile, tablet, web, connected HDTV, etc).

ContentFlow API

The ContentFlow API is REST-ish, where requests are made via HTTP POST & GET against API resources, standard HTTP status codes are returned, and “Plain Old XML” (POX) is the output format. All API requests must be made via HTTP with access control for the API handled via an API key that is required to be sent with each request.

Cloud Based iPad, iPhone and AppleTV Channels


Content Anywhere™ iOS Device and AppleTV Channels:  Branding, Design, Deployment and Operations

Cloud Based GoogleTV Channels


Content Anywhere™ GoogleTV Channels:  Branding, Design, Deployment and Operations

Cloud Based Roku Channels


Content Anywhere™ Roku Channels:  Branding, Design, Deployment and Operations

Cloud Based Game Console Channels


Content Anywhere™ Gaming Console Channels: Branding, Design, Deployment and Operations


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