Smart HDTV, Mobile & Roku Channel Development

Content Anywhere™, is Dynamic Networks’ turnkey application distribution platform pre-integrated with Amazon's Cloud Services.  Leveraging your existing video workflow, Content Anywhere™ allows you to rapidly launch engaging Connected TV, web and mobile applications on multiple platforms at a fraction of the cost.

Content Anywhere™ supports the following platforms: Roku, Google TV, iOS/AppleTV, Android mobile & tablet, most Gaming Consoles, Samsung and Vizio HDTVs.   We will submit your applications to each CE Manufacturer for approval. Approval times vary between hours and weeks.

Support & Maintenance
Upon the release of your application, we will monitor, maintain, optimize, make any required manufacturer updates, as well as troubleshoot any problems before they become issues. This peace-of-mind allows you to focus on what’s most important which is securing great content and driving viewers to your application(s).

Additional Platforms?
We are currently working on support for additional platforms. As soon as new platforms become available, you will have the option to add these to your Content Anywhere™ account.  

Since 1997, we have deployed a wide array of streaming media solutions, applications and device apps.  If you need immediate support for a device platform not listed above, simply drop us a line.

Getting Started

Dynamic Networks is a leading provider of Smart HDTV apps and Roku channel development. if you’re interested in expanding your service to connected devices, contact us today!