Dynamic Networks ContentFlow™ System is an amazingly flexible white-labeling engine that enables your partners, customers, and affiliates to take control of your content library and deploy stand-alone or deeply embedded customized displays for just about any purpose you permit.

The ContentFlow™ system has two components: 

  • The ContentFlow Wizard is an easy to use, forms driven application which lets your partners, customers, and affiliates select and carefully filter your content library, select and carefully customizes page flow designs, control CSS values, and control the volume and update frequency of content.  Your your partners, customers, and affiliates select and customize.  We host. It's just that simple. No coding required!   
  • The Content Flow API provides a REST-like interface for requesting XML from our backend to deliver your digital media to any device, on any page you permit control with complete access to your digital media library and rich metadata.

The ContentFlow Wizard steps you through a series of forms that does all the work for you:

  • ContentFlow Definition - The name, display type and purpose of the project.
  • Content Selection and Filters - The libraries to include in the project, content tags you wish to include and those tags you wish to exclude are all easily controlled.
  • Display Customization - You can set the CSS parameters and graphics for your display without any knowledge of CSS editing or programming. 
  • Content Scheduling - You set how much content is presented to the viewer at any time and how often it updates.
  • Create/Recreate - You can change any setting any time you like with complete freedom.