Content Anywhere™ SaaS


Content Anywhere™ lets your paying customers access your digital media sites from their Connected HDTVs, Streaming Media Devices,  Mobile Devices and Gaming Devices through a simple interface to your existing systems. Most importantly, Dynamic Networks' Content Anywhere™ is easy to deploy and remarkably inexpensive.  So many of your customers that use streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO and others expect to view paid content on every device they own, especially HDTVs. With Content Anywhere, you can give your customers what they want and boost conversion and retention in the process.

Worldwide ownership of Connected HDTVs will exceed 500 million in just a few years, some estimates suggest more. Currently, most Connected HDTVs rely on Streaming Media Devices, such as GoogleTV, Roku and AppleTV, and by internet enabled video gaming devices from Sony, Microsoft and others. If you have yet to deploy your sites on Connected HDTV channels, Mobile and Gaming Devices, consider Dynamic Networks' Content Anywhere™.

Dynamic Networks' Content Anywhere™ System:  What it does

Content Anywhere™ uses your digital media files, digital assets and metadata stored in your existing website systems to create Branded Channels on Connected HDTVs, Mobile Devices and Gaming Devices. Your Branded Channels are designed, configured and run in the cloud. You maintain complete control over your customers, content, billing, data and content schedules for your Branded Channels. Dynamic Networks does the rest.

Dynamic Networks' Content Anywhere™ System:  How it works

Our Cloud Based Control Panel lets you create, configure, and maintain your Branded Channels for any or every Connected TV, Gaming, Android or iOS Device we support. The Content Anywhere™ Cloud Based API uses your settings, content, metadata, graphics and schedules to operate your Branded Device Channels.

  • Configure, Name, and Design each Branded Device Channel you wish to deploy
  • Customize our Channel Templates for each Branded Device Channel you create
  • Select, Filter and Schedule your Content that you want displayed in each Branded Device Channel
  • Select and Filter and Schedule and Content Feeds you want to include in each Branded Device Channel
  • Schedule Content Updates, Publish and Go Live. ​Its just that simple.

Branded Device Channels: New Supported Devices, Service & Support

Your Content Anywhere™ subscription includes support and maintenance. We will monitor, maintain, optimize, make any required manufacturer updates, as well as troubleshoot any problems before they become issues. Our engineers have vast experience in developing and maintaining highly interactive and engaging mobile and Connected TV applications. As new streaming devices are enabled to Content Anywhere, you have immediate access to expend your customer reach. You focus on securing prime content and paying customers, Dynamic Networks does the rest.

Branded Device Channels: Design Options & Approvals

We provide Content Anywhere Device Templates which you can customize for each device type. While some devices impose certain design restrictions, we can also tailor any of these Design Templates to your specific needs subject to hourly billing rates.

Roku and other channels may require approval, which vary in time from days to weeks. Once the channels are designed, we will do the submissions on your behalf. To learn more about our our Content Anywhere™ system, please contact us today.