Cloud Based GoogleTV Channels


Content Anywhere™ GoogleTV Channels:  Branding, Design, Deployment and Operations

Millions of users around the world use GoogleTV  Appliances to stream digital media on their HDTVs in their living rooms and bedrooms.  Google has made deals major manufactures to embed GoogleTV Channels directly into the connected HDTVs they make. There’s no better time to stream your membership content to the millions of GoogleTV users around the world.

Content Anywhere™ makes it easy to rapidly assemble your highly interactive Branded GoogleTV Channels using your website resources. 

  • Branding, Logos, Colors and Graphics
  • Existing Video Files*
  • Existing Meta Data
  • Customer Authentication

Once deployed, your Branded GoogleTV Channels run on SE's cloud based application framework and API - both highly scalable and both using a future-proof cloud backend architecture.  (* We also provide elastic on-the-fly Cloud Based Video Transcoding upon request)   You integrate with the API only once, and this process automates the Operations of your Branded GoogleTV Channels.  

Content Anywhere™: GoogleTV Templates

What type of layout are you looking for?  GoogleTV allows a set of standard HTML5 and Jquery templates, which are easily customized by demand.  Do you want Poster layout, Gridscreen layout and List Format, or something completely custom based on your unique needs?   Whatever you’re looking for, we have you covered and will help you decide what’s best for you depending on the nature and amount of content you have. 

Content Anywhere™:  Cloud Based GoogleTV

Whereas GoogleTV apps do require approval, GoogleTV channels do not, as they are designed for web access from GoogleTVs and use the GoogleTV remote control for navigation.  Your Content Anywhere™ subscription includes support and maintenance.  We will monitor, maintain, optimize, make any required manufacturer updates, as well as troubleshoot any problems before they become issues.  You focus on focus on securing prime content and paying customers, Dynamic Networks does the rest.  To learn more about our our Content Anywhere™ system, please contact us today.