What We Do

Dynamic Networks provides multi-screen digital media solutions for content producers, media companies, educational and medical institutions, government agencies, and entertainment companies.  

  • We deliver turnkey solutions for secure delivery of premium or sensitive video content to users entitled to view it on any screen they own anywhere they happen to be.
  • We deploy advanced digital media e-commerce solutions based on sophisticated customer segmentation and page flow optimization.
  • We create channels and "apps" for connected HDTVs, Android and Apple devices, streaming media appliances like Roku, Google TV and AppleTV.

Any Screen, Any Device. Dynamic Networks multi-screen digital media solutions securely deliver your content only to those entitled to view it. 

  • Online Media Companies offering digital media access to consumers on using the PCs, Apple and Android Devices, Game Consoles and Connected HDTVs.
  • Educational and Medical institutions providing course work, instructional videos, tutorials or live webcasts of surgeries or lectures on PCs, Apple and Android Devices, Game Consoles and Connected HDTVs.
  • Government Agencies and Business sharing digital media, training or compliance videos with employees, approved contractors or service providers using mobile devices or PCs. 
  • Entertainment Companies, Broadcasters, and Content owners seeking OTT delivery of paid content (movies, television episodes, live events or other performances) on connected HDTVs, mobile devices, web and streaming media appliances like Roku, AppleTV and GoogleTV.   
  • School based or private Sports Teams and Sports Leagues providing paid or free media access to consumers on using the PCs, Apple and Android Devices, Game Consoles and Connected HDTVs.
  • For Faith-Based Institutions offering live interactive sermons where congregants can watch sermons on their connected HDTVs and chat with clergy via Apple and Android smart apps. 

Universities and schools who want to provide distance learning on Roku, GoogleTV, AppleTV, Smart Mobile Devices  and Connected HDTVs.

  • Film makers or film festivals who want pay-per-view movie access
  • Companies who want to provide subscription or intranet access for training videos
  • Hotels or travel companies who want to provide streaming movie rentals
  • Companies who need to provide mobile video delivery to sales people in the field
  • Sports teams/leagues who want to provide an archive of game videos
  • Media companies who want to create subscription & ad-supported video sites & apps
  • Anyone with a large collection of videos they want to make available

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